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Retirement Benefits Advisory Services

Sponsoring your company's retirement plan is no small feat! We commend you for managing these plans and improving the financial future of your employees. We know what an undertaking this role can be. That is why it's all we do for our clients. Think of us as your outsourced Chief Retirement Officer (CRO), and see some of the responsibilities we are capable of helping you with below. 

Types of Plans We Work With

We work with for-profit, non-profit, and governmental organizations to manage their retirement plans. Check out some of the plan types below. Don't see yours? Just ask!  

Defined Contribution





401(a)/Money Purchase

Profit Sharing


Pension Plans

Cash Balance Plans


Executive Deferred Comp.




Services We Provide

 Our work frees you up to focus on other things. Whether you need support with investments, financial wellness, or anything in between, we got your back.

Investment Advisory

Investments not your cup of tea? Well, you've come to the right place because we love investments! Really though, we are a fiduciary with all of our clients.  We select and monitor the investments in your retirement plans, reviewing them with you regularly. 

  • 3(21) Investment Advisor - non-discretionary

  • 3(38) Investment Manager - discretionary

  • Selection assistance, review, and monitoring

  • Investment Policy Statement development and review

  • Investment reporting

  • Selection and review of Qualified Default Investment Alternative (QDIA)

Financial Wellbeing Programs

Our financial wellbeing program starts by understanding your goals and objectives for a wellbeing program. Then we study your employee demographics, their needs, and how they want to receive communications.  Are your employees taking out loans from their retirement plan, struggling to pay off student loans, or trying to support their aging parents? We work with our clients to understand all of this and more, then build a solution that works for them. Some of our wellbeing offerings include:

  • Retirement Readiness Analysis

  • Group and individual employee consultations with online bookings

  • Monthly financial webinars and email campaigns

  • Participant Call Center

  • Personal Financial Portal with gap/needs analysis

  • Custom videos 

Fiduciary Oversight & Governance

Is your retirement plan committee running on all cylinders? Do you have a formalized committee? If not, we will help you set one up. If so, we help you evaluate your current structure and practices. Going forward, we will share and assist in implementing best practices. 

  • Initial and ongoing fiduciary training

  • Committee Charter and Fiduciary Acknowledgement 

  • Online fiduciary portal

  • Conflict of Interest education

  • Fiduciary documentation

Retirement Plan Design

What's behind the design of your retirement plan? Not quite sure?  Since no two companies are alike, we work with you to understand your objectives, analyze your employee demographics, and develop solutions that can help improve outcomes for your participants. Not only that but as your workforce and objectives change we make sure your retirement plan remains effective and operates efficiently.

  • Plan Design Benchmarking (Peer, Industry)  

  • Plan Health Analytics

  • Investment Menu Design

  • Identify administrative improvements

  • Merger and Acquisition support

Fee & Expense Benchmarking

What is the balance between price and value? We work with your committee to determine what that means for your organization. We provide you with custom benchmarking reports that compare your retirement plan’s expenses to those of similar industries and size. Benchmarking examples include:

  • Investment expenses

  • Advisor fees

  • Recordkeeping fees

  • Third Party Administrator (TPA) fees

  • Total Plan Cost Analysis

Vendor Searches

Are your vendors doing a good job? We sure hope so, but if not, let's fix it! We are there from start to finish in the search, evaluation, negotiation and conversion process. Serving as your advocate, we help you find the best vendor for your needs and take advantage of all of the services offered to ease plan administration and give your participants a positive experience. Not just recordkeepers, but auditors, attorneys or any other vendor providing services to your plan. RFP's are our jam.

  • Recordkeeper

  • Auditor

  • Third Party Administrator (TPA)

  • Financial Wellness Provider, etc.

Investment Advisory
Financial Wellbeing
Fiduciary Oversight
Retirement Plan Design
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